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  • First Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Bot!
  • Crafting, Desynthesis, Combat, Heal, Fate, Gathering, Golden Saucer, and Fishing Bots
  • Multi-Box Capable
  • Account Admin Portal To Remotely View & End Your Active Bot
  • Multi-lingual In-App
  • Strong User Community Forum
  • Zero Bans (Undetected)
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Fishing Bot

FFXIV Fishing Bot Info

Fish and move between waypoints.
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Gathering Bot

FFXIV Gathering Bot Info

Gather mining and botany resources.
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Combat Bot

FFXIV Combat Bot Info

Fight mobs for experience or farm items.
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Crafting Bot

FFXIV Crafting Bot Info

Craft up to 4 recipes at the same time.
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Golden Saucer Bot

FFXIV Golden Saucer Bot Info

Chocobo Racing Bot and more to come
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BasaBots Bot Options

Global options for all Bots.


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Become The Alpha Player By Farming And Grinding While You Are Away


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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Tips To Setup Your Client

A: Here are a few quick tips we recommend you do to make sure BasaBots works successfully:

BasaBots Frame Rate      BasaBots Movement Mode

1) Make sure you turn off “Frame Limits” in System Configuration > Display Settings

2) Make sure you are running in Mouse Mode and not Game Pad Mode in Character Configuration

3) Make sure you are using Standard Type for movement and not Legacy Type in Character Configuration 

Are Bots safe?

A: No bots are ever 100% safe.  I can tell you that if a bot is writing to memory it is going to be much more unsafe.  BasaBots only reads memory and uses basic keyboard keys to send commands to the game which is the same as a human would send. Here is the difference between writing and reading memory.

1) Writing Memory Bots – These bots write to the game’s memory locations forcing the game and the character to do things out of the normal. This would include teleporting, running faster than normal, going invisible, instant auto repair, and anything else that sounds crazy. Any of these things will be very detectable by any modern game and should be used with extreme caution.

2) Reading Memory Bots – BasaBots is now reading memory in order to provide a better experience and provide more functionality.  Our goal is to keep it as safe as possible for everyone.  It only reads basic character information like HPs and X/Y Coordinates and sends keyboard commands to execute BasaBots.

How much does BasaBots Cost?

A: There are 2 different plans.  The basic plan is $5 per month and the Premium Plan is $15 per month.  You can find the differences between the two plans in the BuyNow chart below  

I paid but BasaBots is still in trial mode. What should i do?

A: Your registration should be automatic and happen instantly. Just restart BasaBots and you should be set! You will see a green check mark at the top of the App. If you do not see this after about 10 minutes, please post on the forums and request some assistance from @Basanoviat.

Do I have to configure my game client any special way?

A: Yes and No, the default setup should work fine. Just make sure you are using Mouse Mode Standard Type (not legacy). Key binding for special keys can be configured on the Options tab inside the App.

My game is laggy and the bot is not selecting the correction options when in the background!

A: This is fixed by changing your background framerate delay inside FFXIV (Very Important).  Open the game System Configuration Menu, select Display Settings tab on the left (first one), scroll down and uncheck “Limit frame rate when client is inactive”.  That will keep the game running at normal speed while minimized so the bot doesnt break!

My bot is not doing anything.

A: Try running it as an Administrator. Also try attaching it to the game. Make sure you are using Mouse Mode and Standard Movement (not Legacy).

How do I get support if I have not paid for a Premium License?

A: The Tavern!  It is the best place to go when your ship is at port and you need some info.  We have a great new forum with a wonderful community of Botters.  Head on over to to get into the conversation and ask for tips and tricks.

My Legacy License is no longer working, can I update it?

A: Unfortunately no, Legacy Licenses were grandfathered in but are no longer supported.  I am happy to provide access to all users who have already purchased BasaBots, but we are no longer able to update those licenses.  If you would still like access to BasaBots, I would recommend you purchase a new subscription below .

I purchased an old license, can I use it with BasaBots 2.0?

A: Yes! As long as your license has not changed, it will be automatically detected once you open up the new BasaBots FFXIV 2.0 App.  It will prompt you to claim your license under your account.  The only requirement is that you need to input your matching PayPal Email Address used to pay for the original license.  Once you input this information you should be instantly ready to sail the botting seas!

How do I cancel my subscription to BasaBots?

A: There are 2 ways to pay, so there are 2 ways to cancel:

– Login to
– Select your profile icon in the top right and click on Profile and Settings
– Click My Money in the left menu
– Click Update next to Preapproved Payments
– Select the BasaBots payment and cancel it

– Paypal views this as a one time charge, not a subscription/recurring fee
– customer must log in each month/quarter and “resubscribe” to continue account on my web site

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Purchases are non-refundable

BasaBots FFXIV Bot Blog

BasaBots Update v2.1.1.6

BasaBots Update v2.1.1.7 It has been quite some time since the bot has been updated, but alas here is an update.  Crafting, combat, fishing, gathering all tested working with the latest patch. 1. General: Updated for patch 2. Crafting:  Added new crafting options for Master and new levels, etc…

New Patch! Ahhh

I definitely didn’t get a DM on the forums about a new patch!  I heard 1 or 2 reports of issues so here to check on things and seems like BasaBots is due for an update for the latest patch.  Checking it out tonight…will follow-up with status soon.

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